case study – Branding

Whidden Communications

Whidden Communications is a technical communications company based in Revelstoke, BC.   Revelstoke Marketing assisted Whidden Communications with developing their branding elements including logo, colour scheme, taglines, and business card design.   The client wanted a simple and professional look.   Logo elements and the branded colour scheme were developed through research on appealing complementary colours that were highly recognized and reputable in a technical field.   A clever element of the design is the owner’s initials creatively placed inside the logo in mirror image – symbolizing not only the individual involved in the business but their ability to ‘reflect’ the corporation they represent with their services.  

From Whidden Communications: “Sarah worked with me to create a great business card that communicates my services in a professional, concise and attractive manner. The card stands out due to the logo and graphics that she designed. Sarah was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services on any job, large or small.”

Business Card & Logo Design